Boston Emeralds


Boston Emeralds is a nonprofit girl’s basketball program, based in Newton, MA, that provides a great environment for girls to grow within and beyond the basketball court.

The Boston Emeralds’ primary focus is on the development of our young athletes. For our younger athletes the majority (90%) of our practice as well as the developmental program will be on skills and drills. We want to develop good basketball “habits”, muscle memory that they can implement in games. As they get older we will have built a solid fundamental foundation and will gradually shift practice time to strategy with a little less time being spent on skills and drills.

Our skills and drills are designed to teach basketball fundamental in a fun and encouraging manner. While striving to teach the girls the fundamentals we understand that young athletes grow at different rates. We patiently encourage them to stick with it. Our ultimate goal is to give them a good experience whether or not they have achieved certain skill levels at any particular time. All the players will have an opportunity to grow and develop. This is not achieved sitting on the bench. We would like to win games, but our primary goal is for all the players to grow both individually and as a team.

Boston Emeralds is more than just a team … it’s a life experience.

Let’s play! Click here to register for the Spring 2018 season.